We do our best to be our best

We treat others as we would like to be treated

We are helpful and kind

We are honest and truthful

We listen respectfully

We share

We forgive

We learn from our mistakes


To provide a secure, stimulating, and caring environment where childhood is celebrated and the partnership between child, parent and staff can flourish

To live out the values of the Christian faith while respecting and valuing those of all faiths or none

We aim for our pupils to be:

Motivated, independent and enthusiastic learners

Happy, nurtured and filled with a love of learning

Confident in the core skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics

Striving to do the best they can, showing resilience and determination

Actively involved and thoughtful members of their community who value diversity

Confident in understanding The Firs way and putting it into practice

Encouraged to develop and articulate their own understanding of faith

Tolerant and accepting of those who hold other beliefs or none

Secure and confident that they are individually valued

Able and willing to recognise the needs of others and seek to help them

Eager to embrace the future with hope and confidence

We aim for our curriculum to be:

Cohesive, meaningful and motivating

Progressive, leading to strong individual assessment of pupil progress

Clearly recorded and reported

Based closely on the English National Curriculum but enhanced to nurture individuality

Embedded with a secure understanding of mathematics and literacy skills

Creating a sense of curiosity and wonder in our pupils

Global in dimension and recognising of cultural diversity especially within a British context

A strong method of linking pupils to both their local community and issues at a national and international level

Able to meet the needs of all pupils and support their different learning styles

Enriched by visits, visitors and extra-curricular opportunities and to give pupils meaningful contexts for learning

We aim for our staff to:

Be skilled, creative and well-qualified professionals

Enjoy the challenge of learning and be good role models as learners

Enjoy teaching and enthusiastically engaging the children if their job entails interaction with pupils

Be empowered to engage in active debate about teaching and learning

Be accountable, embrace responsibility and seek opportunities for professional development

Feel safe and supported and be given time to respond to new initiatives

Work collaboratively to provide the best possible learning environment

We aim for our parents to:

Be well known to the staff

Feel that the school supports them with their child’s learning

Feel valued and know that they have an important place in the school community

Know that the school communicates regularly and effectively about events and the progress of their child

Know that they contribute to the life of the school

We aim that anyone coming into The Firs School will know that happy, involved, progressive learning is taking place. 

If a child is asked, ‘What have you learned today?’ they will be able to answer enthusiastically. 

This is because they love learning.


We aim to teach children at The Firs about the privileged place we have in society and encourage them to develop a sense of care and responsibility for others. We are committed to supporting a number of charities on a regular basis and we do this through activity and dress up days, events, sales and special assemblies. We have a rich programme of events that we run throughout the year and the charities we support are many and varied. Recent examples include; Macmillan, Samaritans, The Poppy Appeal, Red Nose Day, Children in Need, NSPCC, The World Land Trust, Young Minds and The West Cheshire Foodbank.

We have special associations with Christ 4 All in Andhra Pradesh, India where we sponsor 6 children through proceeds from our second hand uniform sales. We also have close links with the charity 'Re-engage'  who aim to make connections with elderly people through monthly tea parties. The Firs enjoys hosting an annual Sunday afternoon tea party.