As children move into the juniors they begin to access the wide and varied junior curriculum. We continue providing our children with a love of learning and a sense of purpose and place in the world. Giving our children the opportunities to develop into confident, articulate, aspiring, and responsible learners, equipped to tackle whatever life throws at them, and to forge an exciting and fulfilling future for themselves is at the heart of all we do. 

As children move into Years 5 and 6 we are aware that the next steps are very much on the mind of parents and children. Our experienced staff are familiar with the entrance requirement for all the main secondary schools and work hard to prepare and sensitively support the children throughout the process. As a truly independent school we are in an excellent position to ensure your child goes to the secondary school that is best suited to his or her abilities. Having taught your child for many years we will do our best to support you in making the right choice for your child. We send our children to a wide range of senior schools and have an excellent record of preparing children for successful entry into their chosen school.