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Year 6 Bikeability Training

  • Year 6 Bikeability Training

    • 13th January 2022

    Our Year 6 children all enjoyed their opportunity to take part in the Level 1 Bikeabilty training programme recently. We were fortunate enough to have two Bikeability instructors at school for a week who took small groups of children and provided safety and skills training. As the  children began to demonstrated higher level skills after a morning spent practising on the playground, they were taken off site in the afternoon to practice on the roads. The children gained a really good insight into the skills required to ride safely and explored the many benefits of two wheeled transport.

    Bikeability is based on the government’s National Standard for cycle and instructor training. It prepares people to cycle everywhere cycling is permitted, and contributes to delivering the transport, environmental, health and economic benefits that more people cycling promises