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  • Year 1 visit Rhyl

    • 15th June 2018

    Rhyl Visit

    Year 1 have recently enjoyed an action packed trip to the Seaquarium Centre in Rhyl. The children were given a guided tour of the extensive collection of sea animals held there. They enjoyed looking at a wide range of sea creatures from crabs to jelly fish and rays to the shark nursery! They especially enjoyed learning about the harbour seals, watching them being fed and perform some of their spectacular tricks at the Sea Lion Cove. As well as visiting the SeaQuarium, the children also visited the RNLI which has a base in Rhyl. They were introduced to the work of the lifeboat volunteers and shown the huge range of equipment that is required when called out in an emergency. The children very much enjoyed seeing the boats and hearing the stories of rescues. They were delighted to have the opportunity to try on the uniforms too.

    Rhyl Visit

    The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly when the children got to visit the beach and collect shells! They loved combing the beach to fill their bag with beach ‘treasures’.

    The trip supported work being done in class on the seaside and was a wonderful opportunity to bring some of their learning to life.