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Wonderful KS2 Class Shares!

  • Wonderful KS2 Class Shares!

    • 23rd October 2019
    • Class assemblies


    This half term we have enjoyed class assemblies from our older Key Stage 2 classes who were set the challenge of celebrating their learning so far within a 15 minute timescale and this has been fully embraced

    Year 4 based  their assembly around the book, “How to Train Your Dragon”! They were fantastic impersonators of the ‘Vicious’ Vikings; their dramatic performances and singing being particularly impressive! The Vikings were clearly not aware of The Firs Way in some of their decision-making, unlike our wonderful children here at The Firs. Well done Year 4!

    Our Year 5 pupils produced a combination of The Firs School meeting Dr Who, who transported them back in time to Ancient Egypt, but then returned back to Year 3 by mistake! The children were amazing and entertained their audience through their dramatic performances and clear presentation of their internet research. We all learnt a number of interesting historical facts and thoroughly enjoyed the Grande Finale – the ancient Egyptian song! Well done Year 5!

    Year 6 children shared with us the work they had been doing around Word War 1 and in particular War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. They showed great resourcefulness and reasoning throughout their assembly and it was fantastic to see the children taking responsibility for their own learning whilst encouraging the audience to reflect on key dilemmas. We were particularly impressed by the two ‘understudies’ who stepped in at the very last minute – you were amazing!