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We Miss You!

  • We Miss You!

    • 13th May 2020
    • coronavirus we miss you

    What a strange place The Firs has been for the last month or so. It has seemed very quiet and we have missed the sound of children learning and playing. Our teachers have been working hard to ensure we offer excellent remote learning and we have been bowled over by some of the wonderful work that has been sent our way!  Learning has continued, despite the difficult circumstances and, WOW, what a wonderful parent body we have! Despite the challenge of turning into the ‘teacher’ whilst also managing the home, often your own work, and dealing with the daily barrage of news and information, you all seem to still be standing!  Well done parents, you are doing a fabulous job, even on those days when it all goes wrong and nothing what-so-ever is achieved. You are keeping your children safe and well and that is absolutely the very best achievement. Well done teachers who are adapting to the new and shifting demands of remote learning and whose flexibility and talents are an inspiration. And finally, WELL DONE to the children! This is such a strange time and there has been so much to get used to. You are keeping us all going and are the reason we are all doing our very best to make this funny old time work for you.