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Two Wonderful Sports Days

  • Two Wonderful Sports Days

    • 8th July 2019
    Despite postponement and far too much rain we managed to complete both our infant and junior sports days here at The Firs School. They were both a great success with fabulous family support and great pupil participation throughout both afternoons.
    The infants took part in running, sack, obstacle, egg and spoon races, to name just a few and showed excellent Firs spirit, cheering and encouraging one another throughout. A highlight must be the parents backwards egg and spoon race; with record numbers taking part and some tumbles along the way, it proved great entertainment!
    Our Junior children set off to Ellesmere Port Sports Village for their Sports Day. They enjoyed the opportunity to run in the 60m, 75m 100m, 600m and 1000m. They also enjoyed a number of field events including standing broad jump, shot-put and the field ball throw.  In an effort to increase the athletic talent amongst our junior pupils we instigated a set of school records last year for track and field events, based on those of the Independent Schools Association. This year saw around 50% of the school records broken, a brilliant achievement.

    Track – sprint

    Y3 60m boys – 10:60 – Max S

    Y3 60m girls – 10:81 – Anna B-E

    Y4 60m boys – 10:34 – Fiyin E

    Y4 60m girls – 09:79 – Vivian S

    Y5 75m boys – 11:13 – Harry S

    Y5 75m girls – 12.68 – Thea E

    Y6 75m boys – 11:19 – Jake M

    Y6 75m girls – 12:03 – Eve O


    Track – distance

    Y3 150m girls – 27:22 – Anna B-E

    Y5 150m boys – 25:22 – Beau W

    Y5 150m girls – 26:22 – Charlotte A

    Y5 1000m boys – 3:42:56 – Harry S


    Field – ball throw

    Y3 boys – 19.21m – George W

    Y3 girls – 15.10m – Bella G

    Y5 boys – 29.49m –  Ciaran S

    Y5 girls – 17.06m – Olivia D

    Y6 boys – 35.52m – Arnav V


    Field – standing broad jump

    Y3 boys – 1.70m – George W

    Y3 girls – 1.72m – Anna B-E

    Y4 boys – 1.77m – Temitope S

    Y5 boys – 1.90m – Harry S

    Y5 girls – 2.00m – Charlotte A

    Y6 girls – 1.80m – Eve O


    The pupils had been told before the sports days that we would also be looking out this year for one person on each day to receive the fair play award. This generated a great deal of interest from pupils and several worthy nominations from staff. In the end the following pupils were chosen – well done to:

    • Lola E –  year 2 – despite falling in the sack race and getting her foot caught, Lola persevered to the end. She then went on to help all of her classmates at the start of every race, being encouraging and telling them that it doesn’t matter if you come last, you just need to try your best.
    • Harry S – year 5 – as a talented athlete it would be easy to show off on sports day. However several staff members commented on how Harry is extremely supportive and encouraging to other pupils, even running all the way across the athletics field to run alongside a pupil who was finding it tough in one of the long distance races.