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Trumpet Lessons for Year 1 and Reception

  • Trumpet Lessons for Year 1 and Reception

    • 8th May 2019
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    trumpet The Firs School

    Year 1 enjoying their trumpet lesson

    We are delighted that our Reception and Year 1 children have recently started class trumpet lessons. Taught by our peripatetic music teacher Mr Danny Ortiz, the children will be receiving weekly lessons learning some of the basics of early trumpet playing. During their first lesson the children were introduced to the parts of the instrument, learning how to hold their instrument correctly and also how to take it apart and put it back together. They did some ‘buzz practice’ where they had to make their mouths into the correct shape to produce a sound, very tricky but proved very successful as all the children made their trumpet play! The children all managed to make a sound and while not perhaps the most tuneful yet, they are well on their way!

    We are looking forward to our Early Years and Infant Celebration at the end of term where the children will be performing their newly found skills.