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Our Brave Bug Explorers

  • Our Brave Bug Explorers

    • 2nd May 2019
    • bug explorers EYFS mini beasts

    What a wonderful morning our early years children has earlier this week when they had a special visit from ‘The Creepy Crawly Show’ who brought with them all sorts of exotic animals for the children to learn about. The animals were introduced to the children through a story called ‘Oliver’s Adventures’. As each character appeared in the story the children got to meet, touch and even hold the wonderful creatures. The met a gecko, a corn snake, a Madagascan hissing cockroach and a tarantula to name just a few. Only Mrs Ankers was allowed to hold the tarantula though! The children found out where the animals lived, what they ate, who their predators were and how they lived in the wild. The visit fitted perfectly with the theme of mini beasts which the whole EYFS department are currently exploring. A fun morning with lots of wonderful learning!