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New - Transport Route into the Wirral

  • New – Transport Route into the Wirral

    • 8th July 2019
    • minibus

    We were delighted announce the start of our new minibus transport service and to begin a new pick up and drop off service between Heswall and Chester. The route and the pricing structure are shown below.  This new service presents parents with a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the exceptional education we offer here at The Firs even if you are unable to travel in and out of the city on a regular basis.

    The bus is driven by members of staff who hold professional driving qualifications (which allows them to drive for commercial transport organisations). Please note this is a higher level of qualification than many school minibus drivers who drive under an exemption. Our first driver is Mr Grieves, who formerly ran his own minibus company which we used in the past, and is thus very experienced and well versed in the regulations of providing transport. He will be joined by our 2nd member of staff driver who is currently undertaking training.

    We plan to add location tracking to the vehicle so that those with regular bookings can see where the minibus is at all times which may be useful when waiting at a bus stop! 

    The pick up and drop off service will be open to children from Reception age and above. They must obviously have a level of maturity to be able to travel without parents and must be able to obey all driver instructions for safety reasons. Children who cannot do this will not be able to use the service.