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New Firs Recycling Scheme!

  • New Firs Recycling Scheme!

    • 22nd January 2020

    We are very excited here at The Firs to start our latest eco friendly recycling scheme. This time we are focusing on crisp packets. Did you know that it is very hard to recycle a standard crisp packet in your weekly recycling and every year countless crisp packets are sent to landfill sites across the UK?

    Always with the vision to look outward and ensure children at The Firs School are aware of the wider world, we have teamed up with Chester Zoo who are a collection centre for the recycling firm Terracycle. Terracycle turn donated crisp packets into plastic pellets and give a new lease of  life to everyday items such as outdoor furniture and trays.

    We have created our very own special bin decorated with crisp bags and Firs families are being encourage to bring their empty packets into school and deposit them at our collection point. When full we will deliver them to the zoo ready for recycling!

    This initiative is the latest addition to the School’s growing green credentials, which include being recognised at the Independent Schools Association Green School Awards with an ISA Green School status award. We have also become the first school in Chester to support Chester Zoo’s Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge Campaign to make Chester the world’s first Sustainable Palm Oil City.

     Laura Howley, Procurement & Systems Manager at Chester Zoo says;

    A vast array of species are under threat and on the brink of being lost forever, but by embracing a more sustainable future, we can stop this crisis.

    “The city of Chester is making great moves to tackle a number of key environmental issues to prevent extinction and it’s truly inspiring that The Firs School, having been one of the first schools in the UK to commit to our sustainable palm oil project, are now embracing the recycling scheme.”