English As Additional Language (EAL)

At The Firs we have an increasingly international community including children who speak a wide range of languages.

We support children who speak English as an additional language and welcome children who have little or no English. We have a specialist language teacher to work with children in the classroom and also offer additional lessons on an individual or on a small group basis. We aim to develop language skills for children for whom English is not their first language so they can speak and write English confidently and independently in the mainstream class setting.

We have carefully structured programs tailored to the individual language needs of each child. Using an extensive range of up to date resources and through activities such as role play, song, games, ICT we aim to give each child the very best opportunities to integrate fully.

At The Firs we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive and welcoming environment ensuring all children are able to develop their confidence and language skills in a secure and safe setting. This enables them not only to thrive but also to share something of their own background and culture and therefore enhance the whole school community.

Love the school overall, has lived up to our expectations.– parent