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  • Junior Speech Day and Infant Celebration

    • 16th July 2018

    speech day

    During the last week of term we were so pleased to see many families coming to our end of year events; both of our prize giving ceremonies were well attended. We enjoyed our Early Years and Infant Celebration where we celebrated the Kindergarten class who are moving on to the next step on the educational journey into Reception. The children all received a book and a certificate and we enjoyed some wonderful singing as they showed us just how grown up they are. We also saw our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children receive attitude and attainment awards; congratulations go to:

    Reception Attitude Prize – Archie L

    Reception Attainment Prize – Katie M

    Year 1 Attitude Prize – Emily R

    Year 1 Attainment Prize – Bankole S

    Year 2 Attitude Prize – Isobel S

    Year 2 Attainment Prize -James C

    speech day

    The junior Speech day was also a wonderful celebration of the achievements over the last year, the speeches involved many of our Year 6 children and student representatives reporting on the non academic aspects of school life. We enjoyed more beautiful singing and were delighted to award attitude and attainment prizes to:

    Year 3 Attitude Prize – William M

    Year 3 Attainment Prize – Eline S

    Year 4 Attitude Prize – Thea E

    Year 4 Attainment Prize – Catrin W

    Year 5 Attitude Prize – Rory O’K

    Year 5 Attainment Prize – James P

    Year 6 take the majority of prizes, and this year the prize winners are as follows:

    Sportswoman of the year – Emily D

    Victrix Ludorum – Holly S

    Sportsman of the year – Robert A

    Victor Ludorum – Ben B

    Netball player of the Year – Emily D

    Footballer of the Year – Connor R

    The Brotherhood Cup for Art – Isla M

    The Denton Cup for Poetry -Jonni A

    The Smith Cup for Debating – Lucy WJ

    The Lawrenson Cup for Science and IT – Samuel G

    The Devine Cup for Music – Annabel W

    The Newman Mathematics Prize – Bradley N

    The Gas Safety Europe Business Enterprise Cup – Team JA Enterprises:

    Jonni Ashton and Alexander O

    The Challenge Cup – Summer L

    The Adams Cup for Endeavour – Paris L

    The Notable Achievement Cup – Alexander O

    The Joy Cup presented by Rev. Ted Longman – Zach S

    The Milsom Cup for Embodiment of the Firs Way – Emily D

    speech day