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International Mother Language Day

  • International Mother Language Day

    • 8th March 2022
    • international Mother Language Day

    What an exciting start to the second half of the spring term here at The Firs School. Whilst French is the principal language in our curriculum, during a special International Mother Language Day we celebrated and learnt about other languages spoken round the world and those spoken by members of our school community. 

    Each cohort was given the option to choose one language or many languages to discover. The Firs are very blessed with many bi-lingual children, so some classes chose those to learn about their comrades “other” language, some chose to learn a whole new language and others chose many languages. 


    Year 6 started their day using the word ‘hello’ and translated it into about 30 different languages. During their morning they listened and discussed how 12 different global languages sounded, noting similarities and differences; discussing benefits of being bi- or multi-lingual and why we celebrated this.

    Year 5 enjoyed learning about the history of the day and it’s origins. They discussed languages spoken at home for many of the class, including Persian, Urdu, Tamil, Welsh, French and Yoruba. The children learnt some greetings in the languages and focussed on Persian, leading to having a simple conversation using it. Furthermore, the children researched the 10 most popular languages in the World and were surprised that Mandarin is spoken by more people than both Spanish and English combined! This led the children to producing a graph and creating our own maths questions about the information.


    Year 4 chose Punjabi as a language as the class has 3 children that speak this at home.  They started their day learning how to say “hello”, they researched places in the world that speak Punjabi and created a poster. Through the day they added speech bubbles with sayings and key vocabulary, numbers, days of the week and finished the day off on an art task based on Punjabi speaking countries. 

    Year 3 were very lucky, our very own Mr Mclements speaks some japanese, after visiting there many times. He taught the children introductions, counting, they played the Japanese game “sudoku” , learnt some  colours and sports, the children then learnt some karate styles and watched a video on synchronised walking, which they then enjoyed experiencing.29 unique things that exist in Japan. The day was completed by making stunning foxes through the Japanese art “origami”.

    Year 2 created flags celebrating the different languages they speak in class. They then each shared how to say ‘hello’ in the languages and wrote them down to take home and share with families. Lastly, we each stood and said words / phrases in our different languages that the rest copied -the children really loved this day!#

    Year 1 enjoyed finding out how to greet each other in different languages, even being taught some new words by some of their friends in the class who are bilingual. They watched a power-point all about different languages from around the World and located the countries on a World map. Then the children worked in pairs to find the flags of different countries from a big wall chart and colour it in on some bunting that also had “hello” in that language. They are now encouraged in the afternoon when answering the Register to respond with a “hello” or “yes” in another language.  


    FS2 found out about the language of Turkey on International Mother Language Day. They painted the Turkish flag and practised saying some greeting words in Turkish. They discovered that 90% of the people in Turkey are Muslims. The children were also surprised to hear that children in Turkey do not start school until they are six. To complete the day, they watched and then tried for themselves, a traditional Turkish dance.

    FS1 explored China. They looked at information about the country and found it on a map.  They were able to make lots of links to the recent EYFS day when they celebrated Chinese New Year. They watched a video of a lady counting to 10 in Mandarin and had a try at counting to 5 themselves. They then painted the Chinese numbers to 5. Children looked at the flag of China and painted their own using a printing technique. After watching a video about China , children decided they wanted to make  pandas so they made our own panda head bands. 

    Fir cones Kindergarten had a fabulous International Mother Language Day. Looking at a fact sheet for Thailand they found out that Kite flying is a sport in Thailand and they decided to create their own,then took them outdoors. The children listened to a song all about Thailand and found out there are tigers, monkeys and elephants living there; which prompted them to find out more facts about these animals. 

    They painted Thailand’s flag and made some coloured bunting to decorate the classroom. The children looked for Thailand on a large world map and thought about how they could visit there. Lots of lovely new vocabulary and very interesting answers. 


    Fir cones Nursery children celebrated France. They watched a short video about France and discovered they eat Pain au chocolat and snails!!! They painted the French flag and built the famous Eiffel Tower.