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House Dance Competition

  • House Dance Competition

    • 9th November 2018
    • dance competition

    What a fun afternoon we had at The Firs earlier this week as all the children took part in an inter-house ‘Dance Off’. The children got into their house groups of Hawks, Eagles and Falcons and spent¬† the afternoon preparing a dance to the song; ‘Waka Waka – This Time for Africa’ . Teachers led rehearsals and children worked hard to complete their routines in a very limited time.

    Dance Competition

    Once the practice was complete the whole school gathered together and the judges, Mrs Davies and Mrs Longman has the immensely difficult job of scoring the entries.

    Dance Competition

    Every child took part and we were so proud of the way they ALL participated with enthusiasm and energy. Smiles were fixed and the moves were amazing. A highlight was the Eagles surprise teacher star turn at the end of their dance!

    Houses were scored on rhythm and enthusiasm and spilt into key stage 1 and key stage 2 performances. After the totals were added the overall winner of the 2018 inter-house dance competition was The Falcons! Congratulations to them but we didn’t really mind who won because so much fun was had by all!