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Harriet -Winner of our House Maths Challenge

  • Harriet -Winner of our House Maths Challenge

    • 24th September 2020

    Well done Harriet who was chosen at the winner of the House Maths Challenge, a project set by Mrs Blackburn over the summer holidays to find some creative maths in unusual outdoor places!

    We are delighted to announce the winner, as chosen by Mrs Priddey from ‘First 4 Maths’, was Harriet O in 3G! Harriet said,

    “My challenge was to work out how much I weigh on the ladder scales. On one end of the ladder scales we put a 25kg sack. On the other end I moved up the ladder until I made it balance. I was balanced at rung 3 of the ladder and the sack was on rung 4. The ladder had 10 rungs altogether.”

    After looking through the entries, Mrs Priddey wrote, “We thought that it was so creative and we loved the maths involved. We thought that it met the criteria of an unusual place as none of us had done maths on a ladder before…although we do talk about a ladder approach to maths planning – don’t climb the next rung until you are confident with the one you are on and can see the link to the next rung.”

    Congratulations Harriet! What a super idea!