Foundation Stage 1 (4 year olds)

Our Foundation Stage 1 Class is for children who are 4 years old and are preparing to join Reception the following academic year. The children are located next to the current Reception class within the main school buildings. FS1 enables children to begin preparation for their next step as they build familiarity with the environment, staff and peers. The group sizes are kept small to ensure the children feel safe and secure as they prepare to transition and have the opportunity to build relationships with the children they will be playing and interacting with in September when they join full time school. 

The children continue to follow the Kindergarten curriculum and staff work closely to plan for engaging, enthusing and inspiring learning experiences. The FS1 class uses the well resourced outdoor area, shared with Reception, which provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning. Access to the large pirate play ship located outside their classroom also proves very popular! 

Drop off remains from between 8.30am and 8.55am and collection at 3.15pm. Early Birds and Night Owls also remain the same and children in FS1 will be escorted to/from Early Birds and Night Owls by a familiar member of staff.

What next?

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Foundation Stage 1 Gallery

Sending our little boy to Fir Cones has definitely been an excellent decision! I can’t believe how much his confidence has grown in such a short space of time – Parent