• Firs Fest Week – Around the World in 5 Days!

    • 12th February 2020
    • Firs Fest

    What a fun and busy week children at The Firs have been having as they celebrate Firs Fest week. Firs Fest is an annual, special week of enrichment, where the children go off their usual curriculum and explore in greater depth different topics and themes. In the past we have done the arts, numbers, science and history, but this year we have taken on the theme of Around the World in 5 Days. The children have been exploring literature from different countries and cultures to develop their writing skills. They have had the most wonderful and inspiring time as they have visited different classrooms and different teachers to complete their fun workshops.

    Just some of the places they have explored through their chosen books have been; Africa, Antarctica, Australia, India, New York, Peru, Pakistan, Morocco and Chester! They have written poems, post cards, made comic strips, written stories, fact files, descriptions, taken part in music, drama and art, while exploring how to develop their creativity and imaginations. The teachers have all worked so hard to provide stimulating and enriching opportunities to inspire our children to write and the children have simply LOVED it.

    A special workshop delivered by Explore Learning later in the week will continue this exciting week and we are looking forward to the exhibition of work which will take place in the Heywood Room on Thursday and Friday – 8:30-9:00 am and 3:30-4:00 pm. Don’t miss it!