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Fabulous Pottery Pumpkins!

  • Fabulous Pottery Pumpkins!

    • 19th October 2021
    • autumn pottery

    We could resist sharing this beautiful image of the Year 3 and 4 Pottery club and their beautiful pumpkins! Mrs Kay our pottery tutor has spent a number of weeks with the children as they have created these wonderful masterpieces. They are very kindly letting us hold on to them rather than take them home so they can be entered into the ISA Art competition. We have high hopes!

    Here at The Firs we are proud to be able to offer our pupils a wide variety of extra curricular activities during school time and after school. Pottery is always a very popular club and is such a hit, Mrs Kay also offers parent courses in our pottery studio. Mrs Kay will visit the entire school during the course of the year, from our youngest 2 year old children in Fir Cones all the way up to Year 6. As such our children build upon their skills year on year and produce some beautiful pieces we are always proud to display.