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Extra Curricular Fun

  • Extra Curricular Fun

    • 21st May 2021

    We are so enjoying the extra curricular after school and lunch time club programme we have this term and are delighted with the range of activities on offer. Children have been able to chose from up to 20 different clubs, ensuring there is something to suit everyone. Clubs include lots of physical options such as; football, tennis, running, netball and golf. We have clubs where children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, including art and cookery. Computing clubs, where children have been practising their programming skills through Minecraft Education. Well being clubs which offer more reflective and nurturing opportunities and we even have the academic choice for our Year 5 children preparing for entrance exams with additional practice in our Exam Wizards club.

    We have a wonderful uptake from the children and it has been very positive to be able to open up these extra curricular opportunities again after the restrictions we have all faced due to Covid. Enjoy the photos!