Romans for a day

Romans for a day

On Tuesday 6th June, Year 3 set off in rather inclement weather to spend the day at the Grosvenor museum to learn more about life in Roman Chester. The children learnt that in Roman times, Chester was known as Castra Deva, meaning “the military camp on the River Dee” and was home to the 20th Legion (Valeria Victrix) for about 200 years. The fortress, the largest of only 3 in Britain, was connected by roads to all parts of the Roman province of Britannia and for more than three centuries, Chester was one of the most important military bases in the Roman Empire.


Screenshot 2017-06-12 09.18.38Firstly, we toured the Roman galleries, looking at the many artefacts on display and marvelling at the fact that they are nearly 2000 years old!

Screenshot 2017-06-12 09.18.53

Next on the agenda was a Roman workshop, where the children had the opportunity to dress up in Roman costumes, take on the role of archaeologists, work in a Roman kitchen and explore different aspects of a Roman bathhouse.

Screenshot 2017-06-12 09.19.30

After lunch in the King’s kitchen, the children dressed up in ‘Roman armour’ and marched to the amphitheatre ignoring the wind and rain, with the stoicism appropriate to legionary soldiers. Once there, they were put through their military paces, learning how to perform some of the battle skills which enabled the Roman army to conquer so many lands for the empire.

The highlight of the trip for many of the children was returning to the museum chanting ‘sin, sin , sin , dex, sin’ (left, left, left, right, left) at the top of their voices, much to the amusement of passers by.