News Update – 37 We’re All Winners

News Update – 37 We’re All Winners

Wow! What a week of celebrations in school. Firstly we celebrated the Kindergarten graduation and the infant prizes. Then we moved onto the junior speech day and prize giving and finally today we have joined together as a school community to give thanks for a tremendous school year in our end of year farewell service in All Saints Church. So much to celebrate in a year when we have achieved such a lot and made huge progress with our learning. Thank you to all of the staff, pupils and parents who make this such a vibrant and nurturing place to work. We’re all winners at The Firs!


As we say a fond farewell to our departing Year 6 ‘Class of 2017’ I would also like to say thank you and goodbye to two valuable members of staff. Mrs Anna Marie Davey has been with us for two years working as a teaching assistant firstly in Year 6 and then in Year 2. She has shown a real passion for the pupils in her care and will be sorely missed; maybe you will bump into her in Storyhouse where she will soon be taking up her new position. Also we are saying goodbye to Miss Fearnley who began her teaching career at The Firs and has given so much over the past four years. We have certainly benefitted from her fantastic teaching in both the classroom and also on the netball courts. Netball is a strong feature of The Firs and we have regularly won competitions. Miss Fearnley’s innovative ideas and enthusiasm for getting the best out of every pupil will be missed and we wish her well in her next position.


After a very closely fought contest the final House Cup winners for 2017 were the Hawks with 4820 housepoints. Eagles, who had been leading for much of the year, were a close second with 4800 housepoints and Falcons were third with 4564. Well done everyone.


Below is a list of our prizewinners this year. A presentation certificate for all winners has been given out at the church today, if your child doesn’t have one please call in at the office which will be open 9-12 over the next two weeks:

Prize Winners 2017
Reception Attitude Prize – Eleri Bartley
Reception Attainment Prize – Oliver Naylor
Year 1 Attitude Prize – Jakobi Elliott
Year 1 Attainment Prize – Ritika Mantri
Year 2 Attitude Prize – Eline Streefkerk
Year 2 Attainment Prize  –  Sebastian Wilson
Year 3 Attitude Prize  – Charlotte Austin
Year 3 Attainment Prize – Adriana Carcelen Perez
Year 4 Attitude Prize  – Sophie Kay
Year 4 Attainment Prize – Connie Dawson
Year 5 Attitude Prize – Lucy Wild Jones and Callum Wilson
Year 5 Attainment Prize  – Isla Mackie  and Jonni Ashton
Firs Scholars – Toby Marston, Olivia McGill and Amy Newton
Sportswoman of the year – Evie Potts
Victrix Ludorum  – Olivia McGill
Sportsman of the year – Alfie Evans
Victor Ludorum – Charlie Butcher
Netball player of the Year – Olivia McGill
Footballer of the Year – Zarak Khan
The Brotherhood Cup for Art  – Dory Regan
The Denton Cup for Poetry – Kate Lawrence
The Smith Cup for Debating – Nolan Heller
The Lawrenson Cup for Science and IT – Dory Regan
The Devine Cup for Music – Ethan Prosser Muguerza
The Newman Mathematics Prize  – Evie Potts
The Gas Safety Europe Business Enterprise Cup  –  Lukas F., Olivia M., Arabella S.
The Challenge Cup – Charlotte Thompson
The Adams Cup for Endeavour – Matthew Taylor
The Notable Achievement Cup – Toby Marston
The Joy Cup presented by Rev. Ted Longman – Nolan Heller
The Diamond Jubilee Plate – Reverend Jonathan Phillips
The Milsom Cup for Embodiment of the Firs Way – Amy Newton


Congratulations to the following pupils who have gained their bronze award with 25 housepoints:


  • Nikolas Schnitker


Congratulations to the following pupils who have gained their silver award with 50 housepoints:


  • Adam Railton
  • Beatrice Marston


Congratulations to the following pupils who have gained their gold award with 100 housepoints:


  • Matthew Taylor
  • Toby Marston
  • Charlie Butcher
  • Bradley Nzuobontane
  • Frank Nzuobontane
  • Paris Laithwaite
  • Samuel Evans
  • Ben Booth
  • Adriana Carcelen Perez
  • Katie Burrell
  • Sebastian Wilson
  • Eliza Turner
  • Temitope Smith
  • Oz Rogers
  • Lola Bowden
  • Henry Hayes
  • Rafferty Greensill
  • Bella Gratton
  • Eleri Bartley
  • Ruben Prestwich
  • Edmund Phillips


And a very special congratulations to our first ever winners of the Platinum housepoint award for gaining the previously impossible total of 150 housepoints in one academic year:


  • Dory Regan
  • Eline Streefkerk



Firs news 2  is available online at the following link and has been written by pupils for pupils during our Extra Extra sessions:


Below are some important dates for next term:

    • Monday 4th September – School office officially re-opens and school uniform can be purchased if needed
    • Wednesday 6th September – First day of school for pupils
    • Wednesday 6th September – ‘Tears and Cheers’ coffee morning for all parents organised by the FPG in the Heywood Room


  • Wednesday 13th September – ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening for all parents 7-8.30pm


    • Monday 18th September – After school activity clubs begin
    • Saturday 7th October – Open Morning
    • Monday 9th October – Come and See day for parents
    • Thursday 19th October – Harvest celebration in school


  • Friday 20th October – School closed to Pupils for staff training INSET day
  • Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October  – school closed for half term break
  • Friday 15th December -Last day of Autumn term, school closes at 3.30pm



Best wishes for a fantastic school summer holidays; celebrate the wonderful families that you all are and thank you for being part of The Firs school.


Mrs Lucy Davies,