Cricket Match Firs School vs Terra Nova

Cricket Match Firs School vs Terra Nova

On Monday the 23rd of April, 10 children from Years 5 & 6 travelled to Terra Nova School to play the first cricket match of the season.

With only having one practice under their belts, the children were all excited but a little nervous. The game got underway, with The Firs batting first – meaning those who were waiting, could have a few tries at bowling!

The Firs set a good total of 239 runs for 3 wickets, meaning Terra Nova knew they had their work cut out in their innings.

As The Firs took over fielding duties, they knew that accurate bowling was key, as every wide or no ball would add two runs to the opposition total. With that in mind, they bowled steadily, ensuring that they didn’t concede too many runs, with some good fielding to help.

Half way through the second inning, the scores were tight with Terra Nova one run up. The Firs’ bowling stayed at a high standard and late in the game they took four wickets, courtesy of Connor, Paris, Iggy and Zach, one of which was a superb catch by the wicket keeper at the time, Jake. Each wicket deducted 5 points from Terra Nova’s score.

Knowing they were close, The Firs made sure that there were no mistakes in the closing overs. Solid bowling from Robert saw out the game, giving Terra Nova a respectable total of 223 runs for 4 wickets – handing The Firs a win in their first game this year! This ensured that despite the terrible journey home, taking more than double the time – The Boys returned to School with broad smiles!

Final score: The Firs 239-3. Terra Nova 223-4.

Well done to the team, Paris, Connor, Robert, Iggy, Zach, Alexander, Sam, Callum, Jake and Johnny.

Thank you to Mr Gresty and Mr Girvan for accompanying the children.