Firs School Host Dodgeball Tournament

Firs School Host Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Match Reports

Y3 & 4 Dodgeball Report- Austin James

On Monday the 30th of April, The Firs played a dodgeball tournament against Rydal Penrhos and Terra Nova School. Justin, Temi, Jack, Josh and Heather were on my team, Firs A and on the other Firs team, was Ewan, Seb, Zara, Avi, William and Thomas.

The first team to play a match was Firs A against Rydal A. Rydal A won 2-1. Then the next  game was Rydal B against Firs B, the score was 2-1 and Firs B won. And the game after that was Firs B against Rydal A,  the score was Rydal A won 2-1.Then it was Firs A against Firs B and the score was 1-0 to Firs A.

Later that day, it was  Rydal A against Firs A and Rydal A won 2-0. For Rydal B against Firs B it was 2-1. Then it was Rydal B against Rydal A. When it was Firs A against Firs B again, it was 2-1 to Firs B. Thank you Mrs Davis and Mr Girvan for arranging the dodgeball tournament.

Y5 & 6 Dodgeball Report – Jonni and Samuel

On Monday 30th April, the Firs hosted a Dodgeball tournament against Rydal Penrhos and Terra Nova.  Each team played 5 matches each of which was a best of 3 rounds and all of which extremely challenging. Year 5 & 6 were divided into two teams. On the A Team was Samuel, Iggy, and James from Year 6, and Jacob, Oliver and Ross from Year 5.

 On the B team was Jonni, Haydn, Georgia and Finn from Year 6, and Ben and Ruby from Year 5. Both teams had exquisite performances throughout. With Georgia’s rocket arm and Samuel’s super dodging! Iggy also had game saving catches, Jonni had  amazing throws and dodges and of course Oliver surviving and winning a 4 v 1 match against Terra Nova!

Overall, all teams did well, but the positions were: Rydal B team in 6th place, Rydal A team in 5th, Firs B team in 4th (winning 3 out of 5 matches), both Terra Nova teams in joint second (winning 4 out 5 matches each), and Firs A team coming first, winning an incredible 5 out of 5 matches!

  Thank you to Mrs Davies for hosting it and Mr Girvan for organising it!