Firs Fest Week – Young Scientists

Firs Fest Week – Young Scientists

Wow, Firs Fest week! What a brilliant busy time we have had…on Monday a whole school trip to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry followed by three days of science workshops with teachers from across the school. At the museum we walked around exhibits ranging from the first railway platform in the world (yes, the real, actual one!) to a Shackleton aeroplane, to water wheels and hundreds of engines. All of them made in Manchester and leaders in the world of the Industrial Revolution. All classes also had a specific workshop on a science theme ranging from light to electricity to chemical reactions. The pupils were whisked around asking questions and taking in all the new learning.

Back in school for the remainder of the week the workshops continued and the children spent time visiting different classrooms and different teachers, learning new skills and scientific concepts.  Our workshops have included the following physics and chemistry based sessions:

  • Will your boat float or sink?
  • What makes a rocket go so fast?
  • Can you make a butterfly fly with magnets?
  • How do cars actually slow down?
  • Can I split light?
  • Can helium lift a house?
  • Which chemicals can clean a coin?
  • What is sound?
  • How much can your bridge hold?
  • Can I make raisins dance?

Our Fir Cones Kindergarten class also spent the week working on science projects including pushes and pulls and working with textures. Fantastic learning experiences for all!

Every class in the school has made a science display about the workshops. Parents are welcome to come and see them also. Mrs Mallon and Mr Brown joined our science assembly on Friday and the children enjoyed hearing about how they got into science and what their job entails. Thank you to all of our staff for working so hard this week to give such valuable experiences to all of our young scientists.

Enjoy the photos below.